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Three Lesser-Known Benefits of Having a Massage

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It's common sense to call a massage therapist and arrange a treatment when you're dealing with sore muscles or want to reduce your stress. But seeing this healthcare professional can address far more areas than muscle pain and relaxation. The next time you have an ailment for which you're seeking relief, talk to your massage therapist and see if a session could be beneficial. You might be surprised to know that the therapist's healing hands are just what you need. Here are three health issues that massage therapy can improve.

Arthritis Pain

Joint pain from arthritis can greatly compromise your mobility and quality of life. If you aren't fond of taking drugs to manage the pain, book a treatment with your massage therapist. The Arthritis Foundation reports that the relaxing nature of a massage can often help your sore joints and muscles feel better, while also allowing you to relax if you've been tense as a result of the pain. A University of Miami study found that massage therapy can also help patients with arthritis experience greater range of motion and stronger joints in their hands, which is ideal if you've been dealing with the frustration of sore, weak finger and wrist joints.


You shouldn't feel embarrassed about discussing digestion issues such as constipation with your massage therapist. Many people use this form of treatment to liven up a sluggish digestive system. Abdominal massage is an ideal way to relieve constipation without the use of drugs. The therapist will spend a portion of the appointment gently moving his or her hands around your abdomen above the large intestine. This pressure can provide the stimulation needed to keep your digested food moving. Therapists can also turn to reflexology points and certain essential oils, such as rosemary, to help in their efforts to relieve your constipation.

Trouble Sleeping

Many adults struggle with difficulty sleeping soundly. If you're among this group, seeing a massage therapist can be helpful. Given that many people experience insomnia because of stress, a massage can reduce or eliminate this stress to allow your mind to relax at bedtime. As a result, you'll often be able to enjoy a deeper sleep, which is restful and allows your body to heal if you're battling a medical condition. Your massage therapist, one like Inner Beauty Concepts can also suggest some massage techniques, such as massaging your scalp or face with lavender oil, to perform on yourself in the evening to promote relaxation.