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Learn About Invisible Braces And The Process For Getting Them

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If you need braces, you may be a good candidate for invisible braces, also referred to as invisible aligners. You will need to talk to your dentist to determine whether or not invisible braces are a good choice for you. If they are, you'll want to learn about the process and what they have to offer you. This article is full of useful information regarding the process for getting invisible braces, as well as learning about the benefits they offer.

The steps for getting invisible aligners

The first step in the process for getting invisible braces is to go in for your first exam. During this exam, the dentist will give you an oral exam, take x-rays, take pictures of your teeth and make an impression of your mouth.

These records will then be sent off to ta lab where they will be used to make your invisible aligners that work much in the same way traditional braces do. However, the aligners will be removable trays shaped to fit your mouth and made of plastic that feel more comfortable in your mouth than regular braces do. Once your aligners are completed, you will go in for another appointment where you will try them on to make sure they fit properly.

Wearing the invisible aligners

Once you go home with your invisible braces, you will wear them most of the day. In fact, you should only take them out to eat and to take care of your teeth. When you are done brushing and flossing your teeth, you should also brush your aligners. You can brush them with your toothbrush and the same toothpaste you use for your teeth.

After a couple of weeks with your aligners in, you will go in to trade them in for the next ones. This will happen quite a few times throughout your entire treatment. Each time you get your new aligners, they will be tighter, helping to push your teeth into a straighter alignment. You may need to wear the aligners for a longer period of time than you would need to wear traditional braces, but the aligners are easier to get used to and the fact that you take them out to eat is also helpful.

If you need your teeth straightened, you should make an appointment to see your dentist (such as Gregory W. Jackson DDS Ltd) so they can help you to determine whether or not you would be a good candidate for the invisible aligners.