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Why You May Need To Have An Orthopedic Expert Witness

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An orthopedic doctor is one who works with the musculoskeletal system in your body. If you have an injury that involves your bones, or the connective tissue that holds them in place, you will most likely see this type of medical professional. If there will be any legal proceedings regarding the injury, you will need the services of an orthopedic expert witness. This person will review all your medical records and work with the judicial system to help determine how much your compensation will be. Here are just a few times you should seek the help of a witness:

Hurt at Work

Any time you are injured while performing a task for your employer, you will need to file a workers' compensation claim. All your medical records will be required when initially filing the claim. If the claim is denied, or there is some type of dispute as to the extent of your injuries, you will need to have an expert witness. This will be someone not currently involved in the case, so it cannot be the doctor who is treating you. The witness will write a report to be submitted with a rebuttal or appeal. In addition, if the case does go to trial, the witness will testify on the stand on your behalf.

Personal Injury

Whether you fell in a commercial building or were hurt in a car accident, you will have to deal with an insurance company to receive the compensation needed to heal and recover from your injuries. While the insurance company will look over your medical records, it is a good idea to have a third-party expert witness become involved.

Problems with Your Insurance Company

Sometimes the problem is that your insurance company does not feel that a specific treatment is necessary and will not pay for it to be done. Having an orthopedic expert witness can help; this person will report to your insurance on the extent of your injury and how the requested treatment will help. If the insurance still refuses to pay for it, the witness will help when you have an attorney start working on the case.

Keep in mind that while an orthopedic expert witness may be hired by you, they may not always find the required proof for your claim. Make sure you talk with any potential witnesses and have them go over your medical records before you hire them. This way, you can be sure that they are in agreement with you and your doctors so the case has a favorable result for you. For more information, you can contact companies like Orthopedic Expert Services.