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4 Signs You Need to See an Ophthalmologist

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If you have been on the fence about whether or not you should see an ophthalmologist, there are a few definitive signs that you should see one immediately. If you have been hesitating, here is a look at the signs that you definitely need to see an eye doctor.

You're Squinting

If you have to squint to read books, magazines, the newspaper, computers or road signs while driving this is a big sign that the time has come for you to visit the ophthalmologist. When you squint you are subconsciously changing the eye shape to let less light in so that it is easier to see. While this may be effective, squinting forever is not an option, so get an eye exam immediately.

You Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes then you may need to monitor your vision in the same way that you monitor your blood sugar. Diabetes is known to damage the retina of the eye. In fact, many people have found out that they have diabetes simply by going in for an eye exam. If you already have the disease then you should be monitoring your vision, likewise if the disease runs in your family.

You Experience Eye Pain

This one should send you running to the ophthalmologist. However, it is surprising how many people put up with eye pain without getting an eye exam. If you wake up with your eyes feeling ultra-dry, itchy or painful then don't hesitate to get an eye exam. Dry itchy eyes are usually resolved with some eye drops. However, pain may be due to glaucoma or scratches on your cornea.

Your Eyes Have Floaters

Are you one of those people who have floaters in your vision? Floaters are little particles of dust in your vision that are even more obvious when you are looking up at the sky or at a wall that is painted white. While this is not extremely serious, if you notice the floaters are increasing or if they are accompanied by flashing lights it's time for an eye exam. If you also see shadows showing up when you look out of the corners of your eyes, you may be suffering from a detached retina and you need to see an ophthalmologist right away.

Your eyes are invaluable to you, if you suspect that you may have an eye problem do not hesitate to visit your ophthalmologist. Most eye problems are easy to solve once you get to the doctor in the early stages, so if you are experiencing any of the symptoms above do not hesitate to visit an ophthalmology clinic today.