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How Often Should I Clean/Replace My Contact Lens Case?

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Even if you rinse out your contacts lens case regularly, you will still want to have your contacts lens case replaced at some point. Otherwise, your case can begin to harbor bacteria. The bacteria that are often transferred onto contact lenses can cause red eye and eye infection. Sometimes, this can lead to a condition where your eyes will be intolerant to contact lenses for awhile.

Contact Cases and Bacterial Growth

If you do not care for your contact lens cases properly, they will eventually develop bacterial growth. If you haven't kept your case in a good condition, you should consider replacing it now. Also, if you notice that the contact lens case is cracked or damaged, you should consider replacing it now.

Cleaning Your Case

With your new case, get into the habit of rinsing it regularly with your contact solution and leaving it to air dry. Do not clean your contact case with water unless you have an emergency and that is your only option. Make sure that you completely discard the previous contact solution and replace it with a fresh contact solution before you put your contacts away. The disinfecting solution will become diluted over time and lose its ability to disinfect your contacts. If you want to save money on your contact lens solution, you simply need to fill your case with enough solution to cover your contacts. Before removing your contacts, you will want to make sure that your hands are clean so you do not transfer bacteria from your hands to your contacts or your case.

Replacing Your Case

If you have cleaned your contact case regularly, you should generally replace your contact lens at least every six months. You might think that your case looks clean, but it will often develop a microscopic bio film over time. The bacteria on this bio film can then attach to your eyes, infecting them. Therefore, it is safer to replace your case regularly.

Storing Your Contacts for a Long Time

When you have stored the contacts in the case for an extended period, you should consider re-disinfecting your contacts before you put them in your eyes. You must always re-disinfect if you have stored your contacts in the case for longer than 30 days.

Cases Aren't Expensive

Purchasing contact cases regularly might seem expensive, but you only need to buy the absolute cheapest contact cases. With the small amount of money you spend, there is little reason not to get a new case every once in awhile. For more advice, speak with experts like A New Vision.