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Understanding Trauma & Behavioral Health Counseling

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Trauma impacts everybody to different extents, which is why it is such a good thing that virtual counseling is more available today than it used to be. Many people dealing with trauma visit therapists and counselors virtually.

Are you struggling to deal with trauma? Do you want to know more about trauma and what it means? Here's what you should know before your next appointment with a provider.

Understanding Trauma

Trauma is the body and mind's response to a situation that was incredibly distressful, perhaps even disturbing or scary. Your body struggles to cope with trauma, and so does your brain. As a result, you may feel helpless, or your brain might stop experiencing emotions the way it used to. You might lose confidence or develop anxiety.

So, what are examples of trauma? Trauma is a response to physical assault, car accidents, childhood abuse, and many other situations. It is important to understand that no two people respond to traumatic events in exactly the same way.

There Are Several Types of Trauma

Depending on the situation you encountered, you may experience one or several types of trauma. Acute trauma often results from a single event, whereas chronic trauma is the result of trauma over some period of time. Complex trauma comes from separate incidents over some period of time.

Your behavioral health counselor will help you determine what kind of trauma you experienced and how you might best move forward in managing your condition. Treatment may involve talk therapy, medication, or some combination of therapeutic options. Counseling is often the first step toward a healthier future.

Counselors Understand the Complex Emotions that Follow Trauma

After a traumatic experience, you may undergo a variety of emotions and feelings you don't even understand. You might even develop physical symptoms. When these symptoms are untreated by a psychology professional, you may develop PTSD or CPTSD.

How Behavioral Health Professionals Help You

Behavioral health treatment is just as important for your mind and body as other types of care. If you are dealing with trauma, it's important that you get help so that you can avoid some of the more serious symptoms associated with PTSD.

Today, virtual counseling can provide a highly effective way to get the treatment you need, without the difficulty of visiting a clinic. Schedule a virtual behavioral health appointment with a local professional to begin a new healing journey from trauma.