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What's Causing Your Foot Pain? Some Possible Explanations

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Pain can develop in one foot or both feet for different reasons, but the cause isn't always so obvious for many people. If you've developed foot pain, you may be wondering why you're experiencing this type of discomfort even though you didn't suffer a recent foot injury. Fortunately, even the most mysterious causes of foot pain are often treatable, and a medical professional can evaluate your condition and recommend the proper treatment. 

Here are a few reasons why your feet might be giving you problems.

Improper Shoes

Your foot pain may simply be attributed to the shoes you wear. Even if your shoes feel comfortable, they still might be the wrong size both in length and in width. Your shoes may also be past their prime and no longer able to give your feet the support and cushioning they need to prevent pain from walking. If you wear high-heeled shoes often, your feet might not be able to handle this type of footwear. You can possibly put an end to your foot pain easily by getting new shoes that are better for your feet. 

Landing Abnormalities

Landing refers to how your feet hit the ground when you walk or run. Overpronation (which occurs when the ankles roll too far down and inward when the feet land) and supination (which happens when the ankles roll too much to the outside) often cause pain in the feet but can usually be corrected with orthotic shoes or inserts. High arches can also place additional strain on the feet and cause pain.

A Foot Condition

Specific foot conditions can also make the feet hurt much of the time, and a foot specialist can diagnose many of the conditions that are associated with foot pain. The pain may be related to a stress fracture that developed gradually in a foot bone. Bunions, which are boney protrusions that sometimes form at the bases of big toes because of shoe problems, genetics, or arthritis, can additionally be the source of chronic foot pain. Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and bursitis are other foot conditions that are often linked to pain.

Another Medical Condition

Diabetics are often susceptible to foot pain caused by nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy. Deep vein thrombosis and other types of blood clots that should receive urgent medical attention are other possible causes. Foot pain is even symptomatic of certain cancers in some cases and can also be caused by some cancer treatments. 

If you want to live the most comfortable and productive life possible, you shouldn't hesitate to do what's necessary to get rid of any lingering foot pain. A foot specialist can examine your feet and render a diagnosis so that the right treatment plan can be put together for you. 

Contact a local doctor to learn more about treating foot pain.