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5 Lower Back Stretches To Help Back Pain

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Back pain is a problem that a number of people deal with either because of a sports injury, or because of sitting at a desk all day long at work. Back pain is definitely a pain to deal with, which is why you will want to know of these five back stretches that will help to reduce that pain you feel:

  1. Prone Lying: This exercise is simple. You will want to lie down flat on your back for one to two minutes while breathing deeply. This is an important exercise to do before moving onto other back stretches because it helps to release tension, and gets you calm and relaxed to perform the next exercise safely. 
  2. Prone Prop-Ups: While you are in the same position on your back, you will want to prop yourself onto your elbows. While still breathing deeply, you will want to hold this position until you are comfortable. This is going to release tension buildup, as well as prepare your back for the further exercise that may feel more painful had this step not been taken.
  3. Press Ups: With this position, you will want to start lying on your stomach, and then press your hands into the ground under your shoulders as if you were about to do a pushup. With your hips still in contact with the floor, you are going to lift up your chest and hold for two seconds, then release. Continue this motion ten more times before moving on.
  4. Pelvic Tilt: While lying on your stomach, you are going to want to tilt your pelvis backwards and hold for two seconds before releasing. You can continue this movement ten more times on each side before moving on. You should feel your lower back pressing into the ground while you are tilting and holding the position.
  5. Practice Proper Posture: The number one reason lower back pain even starts is because of bad posture. While you are at work, you should use a rolled up towel to help support your spine. You should also practice lifting your shoulders back if you tend to slouch often. This is especially important if you play sports since slouching can lead to serious injury.

By utilizing these lower back exercises, you should notice a significant change in the amount of pain that you experience. However, if the pain continues, you can always visit a pain management center, such as the Illinois Pain Institute, that will help you to properly execute these exercises, as well as develop a plan to help reduce pain even further.