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Is Gout A Pain In Your Life? Try New Treatment Options Now

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If you have reoccurring problems with your gout and you're looking for answers, you may want to talk with your specialist about participating in a gout study. There are many different benefits that you will experience if you're willing to give your time. If you are tired of missing work and delaying your life because of your gout, medical research may be your only answer.  

The medical experts have to study gout and different cases so they can learn if new treatments are effective, so they can see different reactions to a variety of medications, and so they can make progress with the condition. Here are a few reasons why you should ask your physician if you could be a candidate for a study.

New Medications

Patients involved in studies often get to try the latest medications on the market, and sometimes ones that haven't hit the market yet. This means you could get a drug that normally you couldn't afford, that your physician may not know about, or maybe that won't be available for the public for years down the road.

There are going to be risks associated with taking the medications, but that is true even with drugs that have been put on the market already. If the medication is helping the gout, it may be worth the risks.

Financial Compensation

Medical bills can add up quickly, especially if you're constantly dealing with visits to the doctor about gout. During a gout study, you will get compensation for your participation, so you don't have to worry about stacks of medical bills. This is going to help make the process of treating your gout more affordable.

Finding a Program

You'll want to talk with your rheumatologist, or find a rheumatologist to treat the grout problems you're having. If previous treatments haven't been successful, they can help you apply for a research program that is going on and see if you're a candidate. If there is a research project happening far away, your specialist may be able to help by sending your checkup information while on trial medications, allowing you to participate regardless of location.

If you have days where it hurts to get out of bed because you have so much pain and discomfort with your gout, it's time for you to find relief to improve your quality of life. Talk with your specialist about all treatment options and potential research projects.