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3 Tips For Keeping Your Child With Allergies Safe

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Having a child with allergies can be very scary for both the child and the parent. The child may never feel safe or comfortable because they are scared of an allergic reaction, and the parent might feel worried about leaving the child alone or with others who may not know how to handle the reaction. Here are a couple things parents can do to keep children, especially young children, safe.

1. Keep A Note With Your Child At All Time

Many parents choose to keep a note on the child at all times explaining their allergy. For instance, you might have a paper in your child's backpack, or in their pocket to tell individuals that your child has allergies. This way, if the child starts to have a reaction and you are not there, people will see the note and know to call 911.

In addition, you should consider having your child wear a medical bracelet or necklace. That way if an ambulance is called for your child, the paramedics will immediately know what the problem is because they see the alert.

2. Pack Personal Snacks

Even if you don't anticipate your child needing a snack or treat, you should always have personal snacks for the child. You could be playing at the park and other children start eating a snack. Your child could be offered some of the snack and might feel left out if they don't have something to eat. If you always have safe food for them to eat, they won't feel the need to eat what other children are eating.

Don't be afraid to pack snacks for your child even when they go to birthday parties or a friend's house to play. You can't ensure that every person who hosts them will know how to prepare food for them in a safe way.

3. Teach Your Child To Ask and Tell

Even young children can be asked to say a simple phrase before eating food. For example, you child should learn to say "does this have peanuts in it?" Even without saying that they have a peanut allergy, it is implied. This will help other parents and caregivers know that your child cannot eat certain foods.

If you can train your child to ask and tell people about their allergy at a young age, it will help to keep them safe, even when you are not around them.

These are just a couple things you can do to keep your child safe. Contact a professional allergist, like those at Oak Brook Allergists, for more information on safety procedures for children with allergies.