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Choosing A Cemetery When Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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One critical decision when making your pre-planned funeral arrangements is in which cemetery you'll be placed to rest. This needs to be a place where your family feels comfortable working with the staff and visiting your grave site for years to come. Here are the major considerations when deciding on the cemetery facility to include in your funeral pre-planning wishes.

Get Recommendations

Each funeral home in your area will work with several cemeteries. The director can make recommendations based on your needs and the needs of your family after your passing. This gives you a list of facilities to begin researching. Make a phone call and a personal visit to each one so you'll make the best choice.

Cemeteries Can Be Owned By Various Interests

You will find that cemeteries may be owned by:

  • funeral homes
  • non-profit organizations
  • religious organizations
  • private businesses
  • cities and townships

In each case, the organizational structure is different, and you'll work with different levels of personnel. Every facility will have its own list of requirements, with which you should become familiar.

Cemetery Regulations

Along with state and city regulations, there will be a number of restrictions a facility outlines for the use of its space. Get a written copy of these requirements from each facility so you can compare them and choose the best place for your personal wishes. The regulations will cover such areas as:

  • What type of grave markers are allowed.
  • Who is responsible for setting up the grave marker.
  • How a memorial is to be installed.
  • Who is responsible for the upkeep of the grave site and marker.
  • What their process is for handling acts of vandalism.

Services Differ Between Facilities

Research the services offered at each facility so you can choose the one that will support your family best. For example, some facilities may offer tents, awnings and chairs for a graveside service whereas other locations may require your family to handle those items themselves.

Some of the services to ask about include:

  • graveside service options
  • preparing the site for the memorial marker
  • flower placement and removal throughout the year
  • burial options if you are cremated
  • use of the columbarium for cremation services

Get a fee sheet associated with these services to include in your pre-planning. Don't let your family be surprised by unexpected fees at the time of your funeral.

Availability of Cemetery Plots

Cemeteries may charge different prices depending on the location of a plot. A quiet spot under a large tree overlooking a valley will likely be more expensive than a plot just a few feet from a service road. Include your choice of location in your pre-planning. Don't force your family to guess where you would like to be buried. Click here to learn more from a funeral home in your area.