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About The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Partially Paralyzed Limbs

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Are you trying to regain full use of the limbs on one side of your body because they were partially paralyzed after having a stroke? The best way to regain all or some control over your limbs is by undergoing physical therapy with help from a professional. Find out in this article how going through physical therapy can improve your condition.

1. A Personalized Treatment Plan Will Be Created

In order to successfully treat your stroke complications, a physical therapist will first speak to you about how they affect your life. He or she will want to know if you avoid moving around a lot due to only having a limited amount of use in one of your legs and arms. Knowing your lifestyle after the stroke will assist the therapist with creating a good treatment plan. For instance, if you are not very active, he or she will come up with activities that you can start doing at home to use your limbs more often.

2. You Will Work On Strengthening Your Limbs

During your therapy sessions, you will participate in activities that are designed to strengthen the muscles in your limbs. The therapist will assist you with walking around until your leg muscles are strong enough for you to do it on your own. If you use a wheelchair, going through physical therapy can slowly help you get to the point where you can get around with a walker or cane instead. You might even fully recover and not have to use a medical device for support when you are walking around. You will also do exercises that can improve the muscle strength in your arm, such as repetitive tapping, stroking or writing.

3. Your Blood Circulation Will Get Better

One of the important services that a physical therapist will provide for your partially paralyzed limbs is massaging them. The therapist will massage your arm and leg because it is an ideal way to increase the amount of blood that circulates through them. The reason it is necessary for your blood circulation to be improved is because it is a good way to speed up healing. Blood has oxygen in it that can improve the movement of muscles, such as by reducing lactic acid that makes them tense up. Make an appointment with a physical therapist, like Dynamic Rehabilitation Services, as soon as possible so he or she can help with using your limbs.