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Why You Should Consider 3D Imaging For Your Breast Augmentation

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If you are thinking about undergoing a breast augmentation, you might feel nervous about something possibly going wrong. You can reduce the overall anxiety that you feel by simply paying extra money to have 3D imaging used during your augmentation planning and during the surgery itself. This has the potential to greatly reduce the chances that something will go wrong with your surgery and increase the chances that your surgery leave you extremely happy with the way that your breasts look. Here are some reasons why 3D imaging helps during a breast augmentation.  

1. You Can Actually See What You're Going to Look Like

The main reason why some women want to get breast augmentations is to improve the way that they look and the way that they perceive themselves. However, increasing one's attractiveness is not hard science and there is no single right answer. 3D imaging allows you to explore all of the possible right answers for what kind of breasts are going to make you feel the best about yourself. You might think that you want to seriously increase the size of your breasts. 3D imaging allows the doctors to create an extremely accurate representation of what you will look at with much larger breasts. This will allow you to decide if the size your originally thought you wanted is going to be best for you. It will allow you to avoid coming out of surgery and feeling disappointed by how you look.

2. You Can More Easily Translate Between Cup Size and Volume

Another reason why you want to use 3D imaging for your breast augmentation is because it allows you to get exactly the size of breast that you want without having to approximate the additional volume you want in your breasts and compare it to the cup size that you are hoping to have. It is very difficult for surgeons to understand how much more breast you want when you talk in terms of cup size. 3D imaging can make the cup size you want compared to the cup size that you currently have translate easily the additional volume that you need.

3. You Stay Grounded in Reality

Finally, because the 3D imaging creates a very realistic prediction of what you are going to look like, you will be able to manage your expectations and therefore reduce the chances that you are going to be disappointed with the results of the surgery.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in 3D imaging for plastic surgery (such as Plastic Surgery Innovation PC), specifically breast augmentations.