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Having Spinal Compression Problems? Pain Relief Choices

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If you're dealing with compression in your spinal cord, and the problem has become so painful that sometimes you can't work or do other daily tasks, it's time to try different methods of treatment. There are a lot of things that you can try doing, both with the help of medical professionals and on your own that may help with the issues.

If you sometimes have problems with speech or loss of feeling in the limbs, you need to treat your concerns immediately.  Here are a few of the professionals you want to call, and plans you want to try so you can get rid of the pain that is disrupting your life.


Physiotherapy is a mixture of therapies and techniques to treat the pain and problem and to help heal your injury. Physiotherapy is known as total body therapy. This can include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Ultrasonic treatments
  • Diet changes
  • Mental health treatment
  • Speech therapy

With the therapy, you are going to get stronger and healthier, and it can help you treat the pain that is present every day. The different types of therapy your physiotherapist chooses for your spinal compression may vary.


Acupuncture can help your injuries in a couple of different ways, and this should only be performed on your body by a licensed acupuncturist. Needles are placed into specific spots in your body to disrupt brain messages that relay pain, helping to eliminate the pain that you have and to also help stimulate blood flow. Stimulating blood flow can help heal injuries.

Aquatic Treatment

Aquatic treatments where cool water is used to bring down the swelling in the area where you have pain, and where warm water is used to relax the muscles can be effective. There are specialized aquatic physical therapists and medical professionals that can help you treat the pain and problem you have by getting stronger through exercises in the water.

If the spinal compression you have is starting to ruin your quality of life, and you find it more and more difficult to get through the day doing normal tasks, you have to be more aggressive about your treatment and getting pain relief. If your specialist doesn't think that you should do surgery to fix the problem, these are great relief options. If surgery is the only way to get rid of the pain, it's time to see a surgeon and get the concerns fixed. To learn more, contact a company like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab Associates