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Avoid Worsening Your Neck Pain By Adjusting Your Approach To These Activities

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If you have neck pain, it's important to seek treatment from a chiropractor. Untreated, neck pain can worsen over time — perhaps to the point that you need to have surgery to have your discs fused. Failing to seek treatment isn't the only thing, however, that can cause your pain to intensity. You should be mindful of how you hold your head, neck, and upper body when you're performing every activity throughout the day. Here are some activities for which a careful postural adjustment may slow down the progression of your neck issue.


Whether you're lying in bed or sitting on the couch, the manner in which you read may pose problems for the health of your neck. In either position, your head may be unsupported. The weight of your head, which is substantial, can put a significant strain on your neck. If you notice that your neck pain is worse by the time you finish reading or that you're nursing a headache, this activity has likely played a role. Try to adjust your position so that your head is supported. This may involve sitting back with your head against the chair and using a stand to hold your book at the appropriate height.


Although exercise can often be effective for reducing your overall aches and pains, you might notice that jogging causes your neck pain to intensify. The impact of each step can cause your head to bob up and down while you run, which can aggravate the muscles and ligaments in your neck that may already be inflamed because of your pain. Slowing your pace to a walk will minimize the impact of the activity, which can be helpful. You should also consider your posture — if you're leaning too far forward, your neck won't be supported. So, make sure you're more upright to avoid developing pain that sends you to the chiropractor's office.

Working In The Yard

Even seemingly easy yard tasks can potentially cause problems for your neck pain if you're working in the wrong position. For example, if you're raking leaves, you may be positioned so that your head is well in front of your body. In this position, you're putting excess strain on your neck. Similarly, if you're shoveling snow or digging in the garden, you may have a tendency to lean too far forward. You should always be mindful of your posture and adjust it so that your head is immediately above your shoulders for comfort.