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Are You a Swimmer? Foot Issues to Keep an Eye Out for

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If you're a swimmer, you pay close attention to your arms, legs, and feet in the water. Outside of the water, you need to pay closer attention to your feet. Outside the water, your feet may be suffering and could put you out of the pool for a while until your feet heal. Read on for foot issues you need to keep an eye out for if you are a swimmer (and even if you aren't).

Peeling Feet

If your feet are peeling, and it isn't a dry peel, it may be due to a reaction to the chlorine in the swimming pool. Wherever you are swimming, whether it's a public pool or your own pool, have the chemicals tested and adjusted to prevent issues with your skin. You may also notice other issues with your skin as well such as extremely dry skin. If you notice your feet peeling, give your feet a break from the pool for a little while and moisturize your feet daily.

Dry, Cracked Feet

If your feet are dry and cracked or you feel an itching or burning feeling in your feet, it may be due to athlete's foot. Athlete's foot can occur if you are going barefoot at a public pool or the public locker room/shower house. This occurs when your bare feet are exposed to germs and bacteria from others. Be sure to always wear shoes of some sort when at the pool or when you go into the locker room. Keep your shoes right next to the pool so you can put them on whenever you get out of the pool. Remember to wear them when you're going into the shower as well. If you do have athlete's foot, you can use an anti-fungal spray on your feet to kill bacteria and fungus. Clean your swim fins often with bleach, as well as your shower shoes that you wear. Keep your feet dry and clean.


If you swim with a sore or cut on your foot, you open it up to bacteria and possible infection. Be sure not to swim if you have any open sores on your feet. Skip a day or two until your sore heals up a bit and has a scab to protect it. If you end up with an infection in your feet, use hydrogen peroxide to help keep the infected area clean. Also keep the area dry and avoid swimming until the infection is gone.

If you're a swimmer, your feet are an important part of your sport. Keep a close eye on your feet and pay attention to any issues. If you have problems with your feet, visit your podiatrist for treatment. Go to sites like http://www.elmhurstpodiatry.com to find a podiatrist who can help or advise you.