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Critical Services That Your Medicare Advantage Insurance Covers

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Medicare alone does not cover all of your healthcare costs. You are often left with significant medical bills to pay out of your own pocket. To reduce these bills, you need to take out a Medicare Advantage policy from a private insurer. Your Medicare Advantage provider typically will cover additional healthcare expenses that can be difficult to pay for on your own.


As you get older, it is reasonable to expect that you may be hospitalized several times during your retirement. You already know that hospital stays can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You also know that Medicare may only cover a fraction of your bill.

Your Medicare Advantage insurance, however, should cover most or all of the remaining bill. You may be left with very little, if anything, to pay out of your own pocket. The only expense that you may need to cover is your deductible. You can undergo a hospitalization without the fear that your stay will leave you bankrupt.


Your Medicare Advantage provider, likewise, should cover the majority of the costs associated with undergoing a yearly physical. Whatever Medicare does not cover should be paid for by your Medicare Advantage insurance. As with hospitalizations, you may only need to pay for your co-pay and deductible out of your own pocket. 

This coverage is essential for staying on top of critical health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, that you may have. You do not have to forgo regular checkups to ensure that you are remaining in the best possible health.

Prescription Costs

To keep your health conditions in check, your doctor may prescribe a number of medications to you. Paying for these medications out of your own bank account can be pricey, however. You need some help to pay for them, especially now that you live on a tighter budget during your retirement.

Your Medicare Advantage provider may cover most or all of your prescription drug costs for you. However, your coverage may be contingent on you opting for generic medicines rather than name brand ones.

These expenses are some that your Medicare Advantage insurance should take care of for you. You avoid having to go deeply into debt each time that you must stay in the hospital. You can also use your Medicare Advantage provider insurance to pay for costs associated with physicals and your prescription medications.

For more information on Medicare Advantage plans, contract a local insurance provider.