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4 Common Issues That Couples Counseling Can Help Address

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Relationships have good and bad days. Most of the time, you and your spouse will overcome the problems affecting your relationship if you really want to be together. However, some issues are too huge to overcome without addressing the root cause of the problem. If you are unable to solve some issues, you might want to seek professional help. Couples counseling might help you identify the core problems affecting your relationship and mend them to save your marriage. The following are major problems that a counselor can help you address.

1. Death of a Child

The excitement revolving around welcoming a newborn or having a child can cement your relationship with your spouse even deeper. However, when the long-awaited good news suddenly turns to bad news and your baby fails to survive, the experience can leave a huge dent in your relationship.

Many couples struggle to recover from the loss of a child regardless of age. You could struggle to comfort your partner as they mourn, but one of you might gradually sink into depression. Your doctor might recommend couples therapy to help you and your partner heal and recover from the loss.

2. Recovery From Substance Abuse

Substance and alcohol abuse takes a toll on relationships. It's common for people to misunderstand their partners as they struggle to overcome their detrimental habits, such as careless spending of money, aggressiveness, and isolation.

After accepting that you need help, you will undergo detoxification as the first step to recovery. However, your doctor will likely also recommend counseling to equip you with skills to avoid relapse. Couples therapy may help promote healing and give you the support system you need to recover fully.

3. Sexual Challenges

Intimacy is important in relationships. The desire to feel closer to your partner is part of the puzzle when building a healthy union. However, along the way, you may begin to suffer from sexual challenges such as low libido, side effects of menopause, erectile dysfunction, and stress.

These challenges can strain your relationship, especially if you conceal the issue from your partner and fail to seek help. Couples therapy can help bridge the gap and present a great platform to help you navigate the difficult phase.

4. Trauma

Has your spouse previously encountered a traumatic event such as an accident or abuse? If they are on antidepressants or any other form of medication to counter PTSD, you need to understand how to help them. Couples therapy can help you learn how to avoid worsening their stress triggers and generally keep up with their condition until they recover.

If you are struggling with any of the issues indicated, you might want to schedule an appointment with the experts. Doctors may also recommend counseling if they find it important for full recovery.