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3 Benefits Of Custom Health Supplement Services

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If you are trying to improve your health and wellness, one service you may be looking into is custom health supplement deliveries. These services are great options for people looking to complement their dieting plans, exercise goals, and/or treatment plans for chronic illness. While you could buy a bunch of over-the-counter supplements, that can be expensive and difficult to keep track of numerous brands. Customized health supplement plans help you get the best combination of supplements for your budget and are often delivered directly to your home. Here are just three benefits of these services.

You Get the Right Supplements for Your Needs

One problem with over-the-counter vitamins is that they are manufactured with the general population in mind, so these products don't account for specific health issues or various dieting patterns. Before you receive custom health supplements, you'll usually need to fill out questionnaires, undergo a health screening, and/or provide blood testing from your doctor's office. This additional information can help supplement services identify specific areas of improvement and help you eliminate guesswork when shopping at health stores.

You Address Vitamin Deficiencies in Your Diet

Even if you have a healthy diet, it's still common to have vitamin deficiencies here and there. For example, deficiencies in Vitamin D are common and can be linked to general fatigue; one study found that providing Vitamin D treatments could help otherwise healthy patients improve their deficiencies. You don't necessarily have to have a chronic illness to experience the effects of vitamin deficiencies. Some people with vitamin deficiencies may experience fatigue, weight loss or gain, muscle weakness, dizziness, or numbness in the extremities. And again, instead of having to guess which vitamins you do or do not need, a personalized supplement service can help you easily narrow down deficiencies so that you can make changes and see quicker improvements.  

You Avoid Overdoses

While avoiding deficiencies is important, it's also important to not overdo it with supplements since there is a risk of vitamin overdose. While your body will generally rid itself of excess supplements during urination, some fat-soluble vitamins, like Vitamin A, E, and K, are more easily overdosed since they get stored in fat cells. Too much Vitamin C can lead to a risk of kidney stones, and too much Vitamin B3 can cause hives or nausea. In short, a custom supplementation program is valuable not only to address insufficiencies but to make sure that you aren't consuming too many supplements and undermining your goals of improved wellness.

Reach out to a health and medical provider to learn more about custom health supplement services